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Hours & Specials MONDAY 11:30 am–11:00 pm Meatloaf Grinder with fries $6 Tuesday 11:30 am–11:00 pm Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries and slaw $6 Wednesday 11:30 am–11:00 pm Smoke House Wings $5.99 Thursday 11:30 am–11:00 pm Sandwich Day Chefs Choice Price will vary Friday 11:30 am–2:00 am T.G.I.F. Chefs Special All Day Saturday 11:30 am–2:00 am Happy Hour all day long on YWC Wines Sunday 11:30 am–11:00 pm TBK Pitchers $10 TBK Drafts $3.25 Closing times may vary on the weekends

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